Rapid Response

Get 24-hour, on-site assistance to help laid-off workers get jobs, training and income support if eligible. Rapid Response services are available regardless of the layoff or closure’s cause.

Rapid Response, an information-sharing service for employees and employers, expedites access to South Carolina’s public workforce system and services. Its goal is to help workers get new jobs as quickly as possible. When plant closings and layoffs affect 50 or more workers, the Dislocated Worker Unit (DWU) goes into action for these reasons:

  • Trade Impact
  • Company Downsizing/Restructuring
  • Natural Disaster
  • Plant Relocation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Other Factors

DWU quickly contacts an employer to offer and coordinate Rapid Response services:

  • When it receives a layoff notice or plant closure as the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act mandates.
  • When an employer voluntarily notifies a local SC Works center or DWU.
  • When the DWU otherwise learns of such an event.

A meeting with the company’s management staff comes first. (For unionized companies, it’s vital an employee representative attend the meeting.)

This meeting covers crucial information:

  • Anticipated Layoff Schedule
  • Employee Demographic Data
  • Re-employment Services
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Retraining Programs

Next, based on an agreed-upon schedule, the Rapid Response team informs affected workers in an Employee Group Orientation Session on-site prior to the first layoff.


Benefits of Rapid Response

Early intervention helps affected workers make informed decisions concerning their future. Providing workers information and adjustment/re-employment services before layoffs also generates a more positive attitude toward employers. It better maintains production levels as well. Pre-layoff meetings benefit employers, employees, the workforce system and community at large, ensuring a smoother transition and better re-employment success for layoff-affected employees and families.

Need more information?


S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce
Dislocated Worker Unit
P.O. Box 1406
Columbia, SC 29202

Phone: 866-721-7867

Fax: 803-737-2119

For further information regarding the Dislocated Worker Unit or Rapid Response services, please contact Mr. Grey Parks.

For more information on DWU or Rapid Response, contact the Rapid Response team at



Mass Separation Report -- Total Unemployment (UCB-113) | File for UI benefits for employees when laying-off 25 or more individuals.

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