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Our offices will be closed on Monday, May 29, in observance of Memorial Day. We will be happy to serve you when our offices reopen on Tuesday, May 30. Please be aware that claim payments may be delayed depending on your bank's schedule due to the federal holiday.



Acting Executive Director – W. Floyd

The Executive Director is responsible for steering the mission and vision of the organization and managing its operations, administration, programs and strategic plan.

Acting Chief of Staff – T. Timmons

The Chief of Staff role is defined by its ability to provide strategic counsel to key leaders within an organization. They are responsible for serving as a strategic advisor to leadership, assuming day-to-day responsibility for projects and tasks, and creating and maintaining cross-departmental relationships to enable leadership success.

Chief Financial Officer – J. Michaelson

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing the financial actions of the agency including grant activity, the contingency fund, benefit payments and reporting, as well as analyzing and advising agency direction for the UI Trust Fund, and other state and federal funding programs.

Employment Services – D. Goldwire

The Interim Assistant Executive Director, Employment Services oversees a wide range of services for jobseekers and employers both from the agency and through the SC Works system throughout the state. This position also oversees the veterans programs, helps businesses and workers affected by layoffs, and administers and manages federal programs.

Workforce Development – N. Staggers

The Assistant Executive Director, Workforce Development is responsible for the program direction and administrative oversight of federal workforce programs and partners with education and economic development to anticipate skill needs and provide a skilled workforce. This position also develops funded initiatives to address barriers that prohibit individuals from obtaining employment in high-growth, high-demand occupations.

Unemployment Insurance – P. Famolari

The Assistant Executive Director of Unemployment Insurance supports the stability of South Carolina's workforce and communities by ensuring the unemployment insurance (UI) program is administered effectively and efficiently. Funded entirely by employer taxes, the UI program provides qualified workers, who are unemployed through no fault of their own, timely temporary benefits to help bridge the gap between jobs.

Labor Market Information – B. Grady

The Director of Labor Market Information is responsible for collecting and disseminating all state and federal employment statistics, including the monthly unemployment rate release, as well as specialized research projects for the agency.

Coordinating Council for Workforce Development – C. Appleby

The Senior Advisor to the Coordinating Council for Workforce Development (CCWD) manages day-to-day operations of the CCWD by leading education, economic development, and workforce partners in executing the responsibilities of the council.

Governmental Affairs – E. Andrews Morgan

The Director of Governmental Affairs is responsible for all legislative matters and coordinates requests from the Governor's Office, the S.C. General Assembly, and other governmental agencies.