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DEW Launches Online Tax Lien Registry for UI Debt

Thu, 06/03/2021

Online State Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Lien Registry Now Available to Streamline Process for Employers
Online Lien Registry Provides Ease in Access to Information and Keeping Records Up-To-Date

Columbia, SC -- Starting this week, the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce’s (DEW) has launched an online state Tax Lien Registry for Unemployment Insurance (UI) debt. With a few clicks, employers and the public are able to see outstanding tax liens by an individual’s name, business name, location, etc. Employers can then go into their SUITS (State UI Tax System) account to see their current balance, set up a payment plan or satisfy the full lien balance, all from the convenience of their computer. They no longer have to wait to speak with DEW staff. They, can access the system 24/7/365.

“The online UI tax lien registry just makes sense from a transparency and convenience standpoint. The reality is we have more than 3,000 employers in South Carolina who currently have liens filed against them, totaling more than $13 million dollars. For our agency to continue to provide critical unemployment benefits to those who have lost their job, we must do our due diligence to recoup outstanding debts owed to the state’s UI Trust Fund,” said Executive Director, Dan Ellzey.

If a taxpayer (employer) owes money to the UI Trust Fund and fails to pay that tax debt, DEW can, and will, issue a state tax lien. The liens listed as of the launch date are liens filed prior to March of 2020. Since liens were previously filed in the county in which the employer resides, employers would have to contact each county specifically to show proof of payment to get their lien status changed from open to satisfied. This online portal eliminates that cumbersome process. Counties are no longer responsible for this task and individuals can simply work with DEW directly to get their lien(s) satisfied.

Quick Facts/Benefits of UI Tax Lien Registry:

  • Streamlined process/centralized access.
  • Multiple filtering options for searching.
  • Near real-time updates once payments clear the employer’s bank account.
  • Reduction in paper processing for employers and DEW.
  • Reduction in mailing processing for employers and DEW.
  • Reduction in potential human error for employers.
  • Reduction of time spent researching liens.
    Counties will be relieved of all DEW lien work as of launch date.

To access the DEW Tax Lien Registry for Unemployment Insurance (UI) debt, visit