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The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce Announces its Cybersecurity Internship Program

Fri, 04/22/2022

The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce Announces its Cybersecurity Internship Program

Innovative new internship trains, certifies, and prepares individuals for the in-demand cybersecurity workforce.

Columbia, SC – The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) is pleased to announce that its 2022-2023 Cybersecurity Internship Program is now open for applications in the Midlands. The 12-month program, which commences on July 5, 2022, is a part-time paid internship that provides candidates with on-the-job cybersecurity training while they are actively working as a security analyst for the agency, and even gives the opportunity for interns to earn CompTIA Security+ certifications while employed at DEW.

“Our agency is at the forefront of cybersecurity talent development in South Carolina because we understand the importance of a strong, proactive defense against hackers and cyber threats,” states Executive Director Dan Ellzey. “We are tasked with handling private information from individuals and employers, and we take that privilege very seriously. This internship offers candidates the chance to not only familiarize themselves with best practices while using the latest Information Technology (IT) products and programs, but also how to assess and track risks, gain management skills, respond appropriately to new threats, and prevent attacks from occurring in the first place. I have no doubt that this internship will allow us to identify and enrich the future IT leaders of our state.”

DEW’s Cybersecurity Internship Program will have continuous enrollment opportunities, which will allow candidates to start at different periods throughout the year. The 12-month internship is divided into four core phases:

  • Phase 1 involves candidates working in a security operation center environment and allows them to learn about the incident-handling lifecycle, understand the cyber kill chain, and how to both identify and remediate security incidents.
  • Phase 2 involves candidates gaining the core skills of a security analyst while being exposed to SIEM technology, compliance log analysis, and security best practice reviews.
  • Phase 3 involves candidates learning about vulnerability management, threat hunting, risk tracking, compliance reporting, and more.
  • Phase 4 involves allowing the candidates to serve as team leads to new candidates entering the program and establish processes, train staff, and acquire management skills.

“The internship program is not only a profoundly beneficial work experience, but a prestigious mark on any individual’s resume,” continued Ellzey. “Employers in a multitude of industries require cybersecurity experts; from tech firms to government agencies, healthcare to retail, major corporations to small businesses, and everything in-between. Cybersecurity is a requirement that no one can ignore and the benefits of pursuing a career in this chosen field is ripe with opportunities.”

“This internship program developed by DEW is a great opportunity to develop and retain IT talent in South Carolina,” states Neil Adcox, Director of Labor and Employment Solutions at Sagitec, a renowned IT company specializing in application development platforms for both the private and public sector. “One of the greatest challenges anyone faces in the industry is adaptability. Our company is committed to continuous improvement and cannot stress enough the importance of security in enterprise solution development and platform technology. Interns who participate in this program will receive exceptional training on varied IT functions and applications with state-of-the-art tools, and those are the exact candidates needed for businesses like ours to adapt, create dynamic IT solutions, and protect consumers.”

“An element of technology is found in every aspect of modern life and our government,” said South Carolina Adjutant General Roy Van McCarty. “As technology continues to rapidly advance, so do security and cyber threats. Protecting military networks and our country from malicious cyber-attacks is of the utmost importance. DEW’s Cyber Internship Program offers a great opportunity for candidates in the state to gain on-the-job cybersecurity and IT operational training needed in today’s workforce. The military has a growing IT and cyber job sector, and we will always have a demand for talented cybersecurity analysts and specialists to help detect and combat ever-evolving risks. This internship can serve as a start point for a rewarding career in the National Guard, as well as any of the five branches of the armed services.”

“I applaud the efforts of Director Ellzey and the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce to address the skills gap for South Carolinians looking to take advantage of growing opportunities in Information Technology and cybersecurity,” said Bill Kirkland, Executive Director of the University of South Carolina (USC) Office of Economic Engagement. “By aligning resources and working across sectors, we can address the skills gap head-on and, as the state’s flagship institution, USC looks forward to working with DEW and playing a key role in educating and training the workforce of the future.”

We strongly encourage anyone pursuing a cybersecurity career track to apply for DEW’s Cybersecurity Internship Program by completing an application here. Only applications submitted through that site will be taken into consideration. Interested parties can reach out to with any questions at all related to the program.