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Recognizing Outstanding Local SC Works System Employees

Mon, 10/17/2022

Recognizing Outstanding Local SC Works System Employees

11 Workforce Professionals Were Honored for Their Exceptional Contributions to the State’s Workforce


Columbia, S.C. –  The State Workforce Development Board (SWDB), with support from the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW), publicly recognized eleven talented individuals who were nominated by their Local Workforce Development Boards for their contributions to the workforce system. The honorees were celebrated during the quarterly SWDB meeting held at the end of Workforce Development Month. Their acts of service have greatly impacted the lives of thousands of jobseekers at SC Works centers across the state and include extraordinary achievements, such as helping refugees and disabled veterans find work in our most rural communities, as well as providing on-the-job training opportunities to young people joining the workforce.

“These honorees come from all over the state and have different backgrounds, yet all of them provide the same exemplary customer service,” stated S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce Executive Director Dan Ellzey. “Their contributions to the workforce cannot be undervalued as these are the frontline staff at SC Works centers who assist both individuals struggling to find work and employers struggling to find workers. They each have success stories in creating personalized plans for jobseekers and employers, helping them overcome barriers, and networking on their behalf. We thank these SC Works system employees for their dedication and for providing critical professional services to those who need them.”

“Despite the pandemic, SC Works Centers have continued to provide jobseekers and businesses the services needed to further our workforce growth despite many challenges,” said the State Workforce Development Board Chair Thomas Freeland. “The local SC Works employees recognized at our Board meeting represented those high-performing individuals that go above and beyond every day for their coworkers, customers, and the workforce system. We are fortunate to have them on our team and want to congratulate them on a job well done!”

The honorees are as follows:

  • WorkLink Workforce Development Board: Chipper Williams
  • Upstate Workforce Development Board: Johnnie-Lynn Crosby
  • Catawba Workforce Development Board: Elzanah Conradie
  • Lowcountry Workforce Development Board: Tony Pollen
  • Pee Dee Workforce Development Board: Sheila Glenn
  • Midlands Workforce Development Board: Tevin Raheem Spruill
  • Upper Savannah Workforce Development Board: Karen Lawson
  • Greenville Workforce Development Board: Rose Cortes
  • Lower Savannah Workforce Development Board: Sally Sharpe
  • Trident  Workforce Development Board: Corina Williams
  • Waccamaw Workforce Development Board: Eva Porchea

 “I am humbled to have received this award,” stated Lowcountry Honoree Tony Pollen. “Not only do I love being a Workforce Development Professional, but I have also fallen in love with the process. To assist an employer or jobseeker from steps A to Z and to see lives changed as the outcome is such a great feeling.”

“I work with so many wonderful people and feel that we all have a purpose to serve others,” said Pee Dee Honoree Shiela Glenn. “I seek to find the good in everything. I am just proud and grateful that Team Pee Dee sees the good in me to be a recipient for this award.”

“I never thought I would fall into workforce development but, through this career, I find happiness in helping others, solving problems, and creating more efficient processes and programs so we can help more companies and help more people,” concludes Upstate Honoree Johnnie-Lynn Crosby. “This job is rewarding over and over in more ways than I could have ever imagined. In the words of Helen Keller, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

To learn more about the great work that these eleven honorees have accomplished, please see the below outline to this press release. Members of the press can reach out to with any inquiries or interview requests regarding DEW, the SWDB, and SC Works.


  Local Workforce Honorees




Chipper Williams – Workforce Specialist

  • Ms. Chipper Williams, known among staff as dependable, extremely motivated, and personable, is a Workforce Specialist in the WorkLink Workforce Development Area.
  • During the pandemic, she enforced COVID-19 guidelines with a positive attitude and a mastery of knowledge that comes with 16 years of working for the Department of Employment and Workforce and in the SC Works Centers.
  • She again rose to the occasion when assisting a group of Afghan Refugees re-locating to the area. Although there was a language barrier, she was able to provide excellent customer service and assisted them with registering for work and looking for jobs through SC Works Online Services.
  • The WorkLink Workforce Development Board recognized Ms. Chipper Williams as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.



Upper Savannah

Karen Lawson – Workforce Specialist

  • Ms. Karen Lawson is a Workforce Specialist for the Upper Savannah Local Workforce Development Area.
  • She possesses a wealth of knowledge. From unemployment insurance to re-employment services, she goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her customers, no matter how complex. 
  • Ms. Lawson can be described as professional, yet personable, delivering “world class customer service” at all times.
  • Ms. Karen Lawson is recognized by the Upper Savannah Workforce Development Board as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.                




Johnnie–Lynn Crosby – Regional Business Solutions Director

  • With over nineteen years of workforce development experience, Ms. Johnnie–Lynn Crosby serves as the Regional Business Solutions Director.
  • Ms. Crosby uses creative and innovative approaches when working with partners and employers, and leverages resources in a way that benefits both job seekers and employers leading to positive outcomes.
  • Ms. Crosby leads the Manufacturing Sector Strategy efforts for a 14-county region, serves as the liaison to economic development for new company recruitment, works closely with the existing industry staff, and also leads the business services team.  
  • Ms. Crosby’s strong work ethic, leadership of several initiatives, and authentic passion to serve within her community has earned her the honor of being recognized as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee by the Upstate Workforce Development Board.




Rose Cortes –Talent Development Specialist Lead

  • As the Talent Development Specialist Lead in the Greenville Workforce Development Area, Ms. Rose Cortes has cultivated and strengthened relationships with existing partners, while being detail-oriented, positive and always willing to help.
  • Ms. Cortes works closely with the Greenville Literacy Association, where she assists individuals obtain their GEDs and learn English as a second language.
  • Staff from the Greenville Literacy Association has continuously praised Ms. Cortes for her efforts to assist the population, consisting of refugees and adult learners.
  • The Greenville Workforce Development Board recognized Ms. Rose Cortes as Outstanding SC Works System Employee.




Tevin Spruill – Youth Career Advisor

  • Mr. Tevin Spruill is a WIOA Youth Career Advisor in the Midlands Workforce Development Area.
  • Mr. Spruill is leading the SC Works Outreach team by collaborating with community agencies and core partners to inform individuals of the opportunities that are offered through SC Works.
  • Rebuilding community connections is critical, due to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Mr. Spruill has made several valuable contributions to this effort.
  • The Midlands Local Workforce Development Board recognized Mr. Tevin Spruill as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.




Corina Williams – Workforce Specialist

  • Ms. Corina Williams is a Workforce Specialist and has served in the Trident area for over 15 years.
  • Ms. Williams demonstrates exemplary character in the face of difficulties and is very knowledgeable about the center and partner services.
  • Her name is most often mentioned in customer surveys concerning her helpfulness and kindness.
  • The Trident Workforce Development Board recognized Ms. Corina Williams as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.



Pee Dee

Sheila Glenn – Veterans Consultant, Disabled Veterans Outreach Program

  • Ms. Sheila Glenn has devoted over 16 years to the SC Works system and currently serves as a Veterans Consultant for the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program in the Pee Dee Workforce Development Area.
  • There are countless stories of her generosity and kindness but, in one recent example, she utilized local resources to facilitate the donation of a mountain bike for a struggling veteran that needed the bike to make it to a job.
  • She well respected by members of the community and serves on several boards, including the Pee Dee Workforce Development Board's Disabilities Committee, because of her knowledge and expertise.
  • The Pee Dee Local Workforce Development Board recognized Ms. Sheila Glenn as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.



Lower Savannah

Sally Sharpe – Supervisor of Contracts & SC Works Center Activities, EO Coordinator

  • Ms. Sally Sharpe has performed her duties as the SC Works Center Operations Supervisor in an exceptional and professional manner over the past year.
  • Her role was instrumental in the transition of the SC Works Centers from in-person activity to the emergence of virtual services and the certification of Lower Savannah’s SC Works centers.
  • Ms. Sharpe has absorbed many of the area’s youth service delivery activities, necessitated by last year’s budgetary reduction.
  • Ms. Sally Sharpe is recognized by the Lower Savannah Workforce Development Board as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.




Elzanah Conradie – Re-Entry Navigator/Career Advisor

  • Ms. Elzanah Conradie is a Re-Entry Navigator and Career Advisor in the Catawba Local Workforce Development Area.
  • Ms. Conradie has a true passion for supporting the efforts of justice involved individuals in rebuilding their lives and contributing to the community and has assisted in over 38 justice-involved participants to become self-sufficient from 2020 to 2022.
  • During this time, she established partnerships with agencies that assist justice-involved individuals such as the Homeless Courts, Legal Aid, and Alston Wilkes.
  • The Catawba Workforce Development Board recognized Ms. Elzanah Conradie as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.    




Eva Porchea –Youth Career Specialist

  • Ms. Eva Porchea is Youth Career Specialist in the Waccamaw Workforce Development Area.
  • Eva takes pride in her job and truly loves helping young adults explore different career options and paths. 
  • Eva is encouraging, never lets her participants give up, and is known to surprise participants at their graduations.
  • The Waccamaw Workforce Development Board recognized Ms. Eva Porchea as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.




Tony Pollen – Business Services Coordinator

  • Mr. Tony Pollen is a Business Service Coordinator in the Lowcountry Workforce Development Area.
  • Mr. Pollen started as a Work Study student while attending the Technical College of the Lowcountry and was promoted to Business Services Lead in 2016.
  • He leads by example within the workplace and exemplifies professionalism, customer focus, and a high-level of dedication to workforce development.
  • The Lowcountry Workforce Development Board recognized Mr. Tony Pollen as an Outstanding SC Works System Employee.